Warriors 4 Wildlife is a not-for-profit organisation that rescues and rehabilitates injured or orphaned wildlife and releases them back into their natural habitat. The shelter also takes in small domestic animals, reunites them with their owners or helps them find new homes. 

Located in Emerald just a short drive east of Melbourne, Warriors 4 Wildlife was founded in September 2015 by Carla Penn and Natalie Thomson.  We are a self-funded, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable haven to ensure all native Australian wildlife have the best chance at survival.

Volunteering as carers for over four years we decided it was time to start our own shelter as we were getting inundated with rescues and the amount of wildlife coming in. We now have a dedicated team of volunteers who are passionate about helping love and care for our animals along with a team of rescuers and transporters.

Our Mission

Warriors 4 Wildlife was founded to provide care and shelter to all Australian animals, from native species to domestic pets. With the support of volunteers and donors we will provide medical services and treatment to those creatures unable to help themselves.

Animals need the compassion and advocacy of humans to provide rehabilitation from injuries, and as protection from other people. If we stand together with Australia’s animals we can save lives and make long lasting environmental change.

Warriors 4 Wildlife will use every available resource to treat and care for rescued animals until they can be reintroduced to their homes and habitats. With your help, we will reduce suffering and help Australia preserve the rights and dignity of all animals.


  • To continue our passion and expand our organisation by being part of the next generation to play a role in caring for our wildlife.

  • To support other shelters locally and around Victoria by holding working bees and fundraisers.

  • Educate the public about what’s involved In wildlife rehabilitation.

  • Give opportunities to people or students interested in working or caring for animals and wildlife through volunteering opportunities including amazing workshops, working bee's, excursions and campouts.Provide a place for the community to be a part of something rewarding and enriching with amazing fundraising opportunities and community projects. Schools, disabled groups and youth groups are just some of the community groups we encourage to help us.

  • Building the wildlife and rehabilitation community by connecting and working together as a whole.


We look after a wide variety of animals and wildlife.
There are many things we do at the shelter from the second an animal comes into care. 

  • Receive call outs to injured, lost or trapped animals. We may have to catch them ourselves or have a qualified person to come and sedate certain animals like kangaroos.

  • Assess their needs immediately, this may mean administering medication or pain killers.

  • Take them to vets or other specialised Wildlife sanctuaries

  • Caring for wounds

  • Hand rearing baby animals

  • Daily feeding and cleaning

  • Teaching our wildlife to forage for their food in the most natural way possible

  • Release our wildlife back to the habitat in which they were found

What We've Achieved

  • We have built a dedicated team of volunteers that provide love and care to all our animals.

  • Rehabilitated over 1000 animals since we began caring.

  • Rescue on average 50-100 animals per month.

  • Created a W4W Rescue Network on Facebook that connects local shelters, careers and rescue volunteers.

  • Have over 3500 followers on our Facebook page and help to educate the public about the animals we have in care.

  • Provided hands on help, cash donations and medical/supplies to other shelters/carers in times of need.

  • Run a W4W Pet Bird Rescue, where we foster, adopt and reunite lost pets to their owners.

  • Provide Deakin Uni, Latrobe Uni and Melbourne Uni students work placement.

  • Given the local community the opportunity to gain experience working with wildlife.

  • Work with a number of Disabled groups and give them opportunity to come and help with daily chores.

our Supporters

We have been lucky to get overwhelming support from our community. We would like to thank the public for their kind donations, our members, volunteers and our rescuers for your hard work and dedication. We appreciate the working relationships with the local vets within the area and the numerous businesses that have contributed prizes, discounts and supplies for us to continue doing what we love.

Become a supporter of Warriors 4 Wildlife, head to our  Sponsor Us  page and fill in the form to find out   ways you can help.

Become a supporter of Warriors 4 Wildlife, head to our Sponsor Us page and fill in the form to find out ways you can help.


  • To have a 24 hour rescue ambulance which will provide day to day emergency animal rescue and release, set up with a basic triage unit.

  • To become a central supply centre for emergency disaster relief for all shelters and carers in the Eastern suburbs of Victoria

  • To be able to upgrade to a larger property close to Melbourne

  • Set up a large flight aviary for flying foxes, birds of prey.

  • More Possum boxes, pouches, blankets and bowls to feed and shelter our animals.

Find out more about the animals we rescue and care for here. If you would like to help us out in anyway, head over to the get involved page.