Domestic animals also come into our care and need to be rehomed. If you're interested in giving an animal a second chance, please browse the list below and fill out the form to let us know what type of animal you would be interested in rehoming.

 We CURRENTLY have Domestic birds needing

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Success Stories!


This Galah was in our care for a couple of weeks before being reunited with his owners. We were worried that the owner wouldn’t be found but luckily the Galah said his name, Charlie! After a search on social media we found the happy owners!



This is Echo with his new owner, after a 4 week trail with his new family everyone knew it was meant to be. He now lives with two other Eclectus parrots and they are already the best of friends as they regurgitate to feed each other. We are so glad with his new forever home.



A happy outcome for this Conure and his family! We picked him up from the Vet as someone handed him in and within minutes of posting him on local fb pages we found his owners 😄 He also had a lady Conure and some eggs waiting for him at home too! 🐣

reunited 1.jpg


We were very fortunate to find the owner of this beautiful Rainbow Lorrikeet. It’s amazing when we can reunite lost birds with their owners. This guy was lucky but so many birds go unclaimed. W4W always recommends microchipping your pet birds

Hedgend Maze.jpg


Hedged Maze was wonderfull and adopted 6 of our Khaki Campbell ducks we had at the shelter. We are so happy that they have gone to a beautiful garden setting to live out the rest of their lives.



This Cockatiel was rescued by the shelter, the poor little thing became lost and was hit by a car. We took him to the vet and looked after him until he got better. We always look for the owners through various lost bird/ community sites and we ended up finding the owner! They were over the moon they found their baby. This family also adopted a dove we had that needed a home.

This is the best possible outcome for lost pets, we were so grateful this story had such a happy ending.

IMG_4014 (1).jpg


This friendly and loveable Cockatoo named Sid had been with a family for 47 years until the owner sadly passed away. The children were unable to take care of him so they surrendered him to the shelter. Sophie our volunteer became his foster carer but fell so much in love with Sid she decided she would give him a loving new home and adopted him! Together they play music and dance and even go on outings together.



This Cockatiel was adopted recently by a gentleman named Orange, he decided to call his new best friend Lemon!



This gorgeous Quaker Parrot named Axle with his new Family.



A new forever home for this friendly Pigeon.