Domestic Bird Rescue

The Domestic Bird Rescue division of Warriors 4 Wildlife began in November of 2017.  Prior to this date, Warriors 4 Wildlife was getting lots of calls for domestic birds due to the following conditions: lost and found, abandoned, abused or neglected, or owners passing away.  We found there was a need for a domestic bird rescue in our area and began this new department.  

All native and exotic pet birds are placed on a healthy diet consisting of sprouts, fruits, veggies and pellets and receive daily interaction to help train them for their new homes.

Lost and found birds are allowed up to 3 months to be reunited with their owners.  If they remain unclaimed, they get health checks, blood tests, and a microchip.  The bird itself is adopted at no cost.  We just ask that the new owners cover the costs of the vet bill.  Blood tests ensure we are adopting out healthy birds. Health check helps to educate owners that birds need veterinary care just like cats and dogs.  And, the microchip is to do our part in reducing the number of lost birds that go unclaimed.  

So far, the Domestic Bird Rescue division has

  • Rescued well over 150 birds

  • Actively searches for owners on social media pages and reunites lost birds

  • Offers a trial period for new owners to ensure the birds are the perfect fit with their new families.

  • Provides volunteering opportunities

We currently have rescue birds awaiting new homes. If you are looking to adopt, please fill out the form on our adoption page.

To see more of the birds in care click here to go to our instagram page.