Here's a selection of our favourite Warriors 4 Wildlife stories!

Bushfire Emergency Relief

On the 4 March, 2019, we posted a call on Facebook for donations to help the animals and people who were affected by the bushfires at Bunyip in Gippsland. Little did we realise what a huge response we were about to receive:

  • The post reached 600,000 people and we ended up with over 3,500 messages offering help.

  • The next day, a new warehouse, as a main depot, had been donated. And 20 drop off points around Melbourne had been volunteered. 

  • Over 50 volunteers were engaged in picking up, dropping off, and sorting over 5 tonnes of goods. 

  • The next 3 weeks, over 180 tonnes were donated, sorted and delivered to those in need, including a donation of 72 tonnes of hay, which we had to find a depot to deliver too. Within 3 days, it was all gone to people in need who had contacted W4W. 

  • We supported many vet clinics and over 40 Wildlife Shelters with donations of medical supplies.

  • We gave relief to the livestock and pets of people affected by the fires.

 We started to receive calls about injured animals coming onto private property. A team of volunteers was formed to start rescuing. We found 14 burnt kangaroos, 2 koalas (sitting over 100 feet high in burnt trees), and 1 young possum that had all survived but in need of help. The month of March is one we will never forget. It was an amazing time for all that got involved, with many planning to continue to volunteer with W4W to carry on the vital work that we do.

The relief efforts are still continuing…


Possum BoxMaking Workshop

Saturday October 6th 2018

We would love to say a big thank you to everyone who attended our Possum Box making Workshop. Together we built over 20 Possum boxes! All materials were donated by Bunnings Bayswater to make the boxes. Warriors 4 Wildlife will use them at the shelter to provide a cosy home for our orphaned or injured possums. When the possums are ready for release we will take the possums back to where they were found, along with their box home, and erect them in the trees so they still feel safe and secure returning to the wild. We also donated some to local shelters and carers in the area as there are so many possums needing new homes. It was such a success that W4W will be doing this once a year around the start of spring. Keep an eye out for the next one!

Duckling Rescue

This Mummy duck lost all her babies down a drain and they couldn’t get back out, luckily with a bit of patience we were able to rescue all 8 baby ducklings and reunite them with their mum.

W4W Trivia night FUNdraiser 

Here’s a short video showcasing our fundraiser we held on the 28th of July 2018. We had a great night and raised over $1200! With the money raised, we bought a net gun and an extension pole to help us continue to rescue hard to reach birds and injured animals. We were able to pay off some of our vet bills and we purchased some baby formulas in preparation for the new spring rescues. 

A big thank you to our attendees, sponsors, volunteers and local businesses that donated to our cause. We couldn’t have done it without your 

National Tree Day

On  the 20th of July 2018 Warriors 4 Wildlife along with other local community groups volunteered with the Knox City Council for National Tree Day. With nearly 100 volunteers on the day, over 1,000 grasses, shrubs and trees were planted at the Colchester Reserve wetlands.  These plants will create a habitat corridor that will support a variety of wildlife.

Corella Rescue

Successful rescue and release of this poor Corella who had become tangled in the netting of a basketball ring in Ringwood. The rope was wrapped around his neck and every time he tried to fly away he would be pulled back by the netting and left to hang. Luckily W4W came to his rescue and cut him free.

School Fundraiser Eliza Stewart

8 year old Eliza Stewart who witnessed a baby Joey being rescued last month has become a Warrior 4 Wildlife all on her own. She came up with the idea to hold a Krispy Kreme fundraiser at her school for our Shelter! 

W4W paid a visit to her school assembly to talk about what we do. She sold a whopping 65 dozen boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and raised over $400 for our shelter! The funds were used to purchase more rescue equiptment so we can help save kangaroos and other native wildlife xx Well done Eliza, what an amazing achievement. We thank you very much and hope we can continue to inspire the younger generation of the importance of our native Wildlife.

Mansfield Zoo Fundraiser 

November 25-27th November 2017

Many hands meant light work at our Working Bee / Camp Out at Mansfield Zoo. Our team of volunteers worked hard and we managed to achieve so much! We also raised $500 for Kathy at Jamieson Wildlife Shelter who runs her shelter independently. A huge, heart felt thank you to all our volunteers, we couldn't have done it without you.

Heres what we achieved!

-Garden maintenance and mowing lawns in the enclosures and around the zoo grounds.

-Added new branches in the Rhesus monkey enclosures

-Built 2 brand new bridges

-Cleaned out the wood shed

-Tidied the Lions Dens ready for summer

-Began plumbing and building the structure of the new meerkat enclosure.

-Removed Tree Guards and replaced with chicken wire

-Cleaned all windows and glass in the reptile room

-Created new gravel pathways  

If you would like to get involved head to our Workshop & Events page to find out when our next adventure will be!


On May 17th 2017 Warriors 4 Wildlife were called out to an injured Cygnet that was tangled in fishing line in a reserve in Endeavour Hills. On arrival our first initial thought was that the cygnet had already drowned and passed away, he had become quite stiff and was very cold. We continued to cut the fishing line free when we noticed movement in the swans eye. Racing to the car to keep him warm our volunteer Josh Martin was advised to give the baby swan mouth to mouth resuscitation and to continually rub his chest to revive his heart. To our amazement the cygnet began to breath. 

The Cygnet was then taken to the vet and put on fluids and oxygen. The wonderfull vets at Melbourne Bird Clinic in Scoresby administered medication to increase his heart rate and gave him antibiotics to stop infection.. The vets said he was lucky to be alive that he might not pull through. A few hours later we saw signs of improvement and we were able to take him back to the shelter for care. We made an appeal on Facebook to help pay for the cygnet’s vet bills, Travis and Beccy Cloke were the first to donate. They paid a visit to the shelter and decided to name the Swan 'Clokey'.

From an interview in the Knox Leader Cloke said it was “really cool” to meet the “cute” swan in person. “Obviously Beccy saw it on social media yesterday and donated to the cause,” 

“It was bloody cute, it’s just starting to get its feathers in, and by all reports at the moment it will make a full recovery which is great.”

He said he and his wife were happy to support the shelter, which he said did great work.

“It’s not just one type of animal they care for... it’s everything, it’s all willdlife, there were magpies there, snakes, chickens, and obviously all living creatures deserve a second chance, no matter how big or small they are.”

On Sunday, September 10, 2017 at Bayswater Junior Football Club in Bayswater Vic. Josh Martin was surprised with the Courageous Animal Hero Teen Award by an international charity in Florida USA who recognised his compassion and courageous action. “It is precisely this type of act Animal Hero Kids exists to encourage and recognize, Josh gave mouth to mouth to an animal in distress, he knew it was a life or death situation” said, Susan Hargreaves, founder. 

Travis Cloke came to present the award to Josh, who was also be gifted a copy of the Honor award winning book with the big goal of being given to school libraries, it is full of stories of children and teens doing the right thing when faced with life changing decisions to help animals. 


On the weekend of April 1st & 2nd 2017 Warriors 4 Wildlife held a Working Bee/Fundraiser for a private Sanctuary run by Mary Rose and Lloyd in Balnarring VIC. The 10 acre property houses over 300 Animals and is home to some very exotic and rare species. The owner of the sanctuary is in her 80's and lives day to day caring for all her beloved animals. With our team of dedicated and passionate volunteers we were able to: build two big aviaries, fix up fencing around the property to make it fox proof, clean up the yard by removing branches, shrubs and wire and added new branches in all the aviaries.

W4W also donated money towards a weeks worth of food for the animals. The amount of work we did in two short days would have taken her weeks to complete! W4W would like to thank Balnarring for letting us camp out for the night and we would also like to give a huge thank you to our volunteers for all your hard work and positive attitudes over the weekend xx

animal rescue  

In October 2016 Warriors 4 Wildlife were called to assist in the catching of a couple of wild birds which unfortunately had plastic rings around their necks. It seemed that someone had been doing this to Magpies and Ravens for some unknown reason. The story made it to Crimestoppers as this is a terrible act of cruelty. 

We spent over 5 days with Nigel from Nigels Animal Rescue trying to catch this poor Raven, at first sight he seemed to be ok, he had not lost any weight due to the collar but we needed to catch him to be able to take the plastic ring off. The raven became very suspicious of us hanging around and was determined not to get caught in our traps. Finally after hours of patiently waiting, we caught it and was able to save it.

The bird was taken straight to the vet to have the collar removed, a veterinary check up to make sure it was healthy and then, was successfully released back to the area in which he was found.

It is against the law for risk or endanger the life of an animal. If you see anything like this, please report it straight away to either the police or your nearest animal organisation.

Click here to see the moment the Raven was caught.

Walter the koala

Walter the Koala was a rescue we did in Korumburra Victoria. He must have become lost because he made his way up a street post on the main st right next to the main Hwy. When we arrived the police and electricity company were there putting mats on the wires to stop him from being electrocuted. However it was to risky to get him down so they decided to leave him there hoping he would find his way back home.

Warriors 4 Wildlife realised Walter was a juvenile koala, we were worried for his safety as we didn't want him to be hit by a car. There were also no gum trees in the area either, he really needed to be relocated to the nearby Coal creek reserve, only a 5-minute drive down the road.

We were happy to wait and make sure he got down safely. 3 Hours later after the shops had closed and it became darker our patience paid off because Walter started to climb down the pole much earlier than expected.  The road was still quite busy with trucks driving past so we decided it was best to catch him for release.  Once caught we drove him to meet Colleen from Wildlife rescue and Carer shelters in Phillip island who took Walter to the vet for a check up, gave him some food and good night’s rest and released him early the next morning! He was healthy and happy back in his natural habitat. What an Adventure!

Waters story newspaper

mansfield zoo fundraiser

In June this year Warriors 4 Wildlife organised a Working Bee/Fundraiser for privately owned Mansfield Zoo. In order to participate our volunteers and members of the public were encouraged to fundraise $300. This included travel to and from the zoo, all meals, and camping in the zoo for the night. 

We had an amazing experience and got up close and personal with some of the animals they had there, we were able to walk the dingoes, bottle feed the baby deer and wake up in the morning to the lions roar! We built a cactus garden from scratch, helped put more branches and toys in the monkey cages,  took down an old enclosure and helped with the daily feeding of the animals. 

Together we raised over $1000 for the zoo and had a team of 13 volunteers. Thank you to everyone who dedicated their time and effort in this rewarding fundraiser. Well Done!

‘In June 2016 we were fortunate to have the Warriors 4 Wildlife team volunteer their time for a weekend to help us meet some of the infrastructure needs of the zoo. Their range of skills, versatility and in particular, their willingness to get on with the job, were impressive. The team were extremely enthusiastic, well skilled for the tasks, and polite and respectful of our space. Their contribution both in effort and in donations raised for us at the time were very welcomed. We hope they can come back another time to help with further projects.’

  -Bronwyn Wilson Curator Mansfield Zoo

Working Bee at Oakleigh Wildlife Shelter

Michelle from Oakleigh wildlife shelter has been caring for wildlife for over 25 years. She sometimes has over 100 animals at any one time! We decided to do a working bee to help Michelle with anything that needed doing at the shelter.

Michelle had a huge aviary that needed to be set up so we helped move a couple of aviaries around so that it could fit in the backyard. We also replanted some trees and shrubs and helped with any tidying up.

It's amazing what can be achieved in a day when you have many hands to help.

Mine the Seagull

2 Baby seagulls came into the shelter one day and we were so excited, they were gorgeous. Unfortunately 1 of the babies didn't make it through the first couple of nights and we weren't sure the other one would either. Boy were we wrong! We named him 'Mine' from the seagulls in Finding Nemo. Mine became quite the star amongst us and our volunteers at the Shelter.

He would always be at your feet following you around hoping the you would have some fish to give him. He was free to fly around the backyard and he would do laps around the house and even visit the neighbours. He would go swimming with the ducks and pick up and play with the kids toys in the backyard. At night we would lock him up in the aviary to have a safe place to sleep.

 Once he was all grown up we took him to a shelter in Mornington and he was released at the beach together with some other seagulls they had in care. We really do miss our little Mine.